HB 3391B Reproductive & Social Health Benefits

Senete VOTE
FLOOR VOTE Senate 07/05/2017 1:00pm
Status (cverview) of bill:https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2017R1/Measures/Overview/HB3391
Committee assigned to bill:

The amendeded bill will provide statewide access to abortion coverage for Oregon residents enrolled in health benefit plans that do not cover abortion. 
HB 3391 B will establish a fund that would cover, without charge, any elective abortion for any Oregonian whose insurance policy would not.

Senate Floor Vote 7/05/17 Contact your Senator!

Pased House Floor Vote Saturday 6/31

Public hearing and Work Session 6/28/17 

Public Hearing Details 3/15/2017 

Published on TTV 

This bill prescribes coverages for social and sexual conditions, screening, treatment, supplies and counseling without any type of cost sharing for the enrollee. Allows experimental and clinical trials without a health benefit plan, and requires coverage for out-of-network services. Establishes protections for abortion facilities and abortions at any stage.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Removes the personal choice and dictates what the individual purchasing the insurance will be required to purchase. None of these benefits would be desired for people within 10-20 years from retirement when a person would drop these coverages for other coverages related to aging.

Fiscal Responsibility
This bill adds a lot of expensive benefits that even if none of them were ever used, it would raise the cost of insurance significantly because insurance companies have to price for use. This is fiscally irresponsible dictating the benefits in all policies requiring all policy holders to pay for services whether needed or not. Every service covered increases the cost for the insurance. New General Funds needed after reduction of federal fund for 2017-19 is $9,135,656 and for 2019-21 is $14,463,422.

Limited Government
Our government is extending itself into our private lives by dictating what we must purchase, including non-diagnostic benefits for screenings, assessments, support and counseling, and interventions.

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