SB 237 Health Benefit Co-payment requirement

In Committee
Public Hearing 03/21/2017 1:00pm Room HR B
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Public Hearing Details  3/21/2017 1:00 PM, HR B 

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This bill places government into the role of telling insurance carriers how their policies must be written regarding coverage options

Personal Choice and Responsibility
This bill removes the personal choice of insurance carriers within Oregon.

Fiscal Responsibility
Oregon is dictating the fiscal operations of insurance carriers.

Limited Government
The government is again expanding its role into the private sector.

Free Markets
Free markets should be allowed to write their coverage as they choose and let the market decide what plans the desire to purchase.


  1. This bill is cost sharing for prescription drugs only. The comments makes it sound like it's all health benefits. Having at least 25% of the plans to choose from as a copay-only plan is not a bad thing. It would be an expensive plan but might be worth it for people on expensive drugs. What is the drawback for the bill is requiring when there is only one plan that it be a copay-only plan, which will make it expensive for everyone. Perhaps if they allowed a different copay amount for each tier would distribute pricing more effectively.

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