SB 744 Directs Oregon Health Authority to provide information on bone marrow donations

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Public Hearing held Meeting Details 3/16/2017

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This bill directs Oregon Health Authority to provide information to 18-year olds to 44-year-olds of bone marrow donations and populations that could be served thereby.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
This is unnecessary encroachment by government that targets a youthful sector with no reason given for that stipulation. No recognition of information relating donor inconveniences.

Fiscal Responsibility
New process added to Oregon Health Authority with issue of funding being a possible rejection of the implementation.

Limited Government
There is no need of this bill. Private sources would be much more efficient and fair in the distribution of such information.

Local Control
Through SB 744, government imposes irresponsible mandates.

Free Markets
Over-burdensome regulation. Overstepping government authority.

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