SB 897 Militia Terrorism

In Committee
03/03/2017 8:00am 343
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This bill creates crime of militia terrorism for citizens protesting more than two days occupying a public premises with a firearm present and refuses to leave when requested by law enforcement regardless of cause for the protest.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Takes away the choice and Constitutional right to legally protest the overreach of government. Takes away Second Amendment right to possess a firearm.

Fiscal Responsibility
Fiscally overreaching with punishment set at maximum of five years' imprisonment, $125,000 fine, or both. The minimum level of punishment for international terrorists under the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act.

Limited Government
This bill attempts to destroy 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. Legislation cannot remove Constitution rights to defend property. Section 1(1) A person commits the crime of militia terrorism if the person, together with at least two other persons, physically occupies publicly owned premises and: (a) A law enforcement officer or a person in charge of the premises directs at least one of the occupying persons to leave the premises; (b) At least one of the occupying persons remains on the premises for more than 48 hours following the direction to leave; and (c) At least one of the occupying persons possesses a firearm while physically occupying the premises.


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