HB 3008 Prohibits Certain Animals for Show

HB 3008 VOTE: NO
Died In Committee

Status (overview) of bill: https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Measures/Overview/HB3008
Committee assigned to bill: https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Committees/HAGNR/Overview

This bill prohibits person from using specified types of animals in traveling animal act for performance in which an animal is transported to perform. Provides certain exemptions for domestic animals.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Animals have been a cornerstone of youth development and growth. Prohibiting many entertainment venues takes away the only opportunity to see exotic type animals for many people, particularly low income families.

Limited Government
Prohibits many entertainment venues where the only opportunity to see exotic type animals exists for many people, particularly low income families. “Performance” means a carnival, circus, display, exhibition, exposition, fair, parade, petting zoo, photographic opportunity, race, ride, trade show or similar undertaking during which an animal performs tricks, gives rides or otherwise entertains or amuses an audience, whether or not a fee is charged.

Local Control
Could be misused to severely limit the ability to own, breed and show animals of various kinds in safe environments such as 4-H, FFA, organized animal enthusiast shows. For example, Ostrich meat is the new beef substitute in development. Provides certain exemptions for domestic dog, cat, horse, donkey, pony, mule, cow, Ilama, sheep, reindeer, American bison, pig, or goat.


  1. There goes the circuses in Oregon, and rodeos. Horse racing, dog shows, agility trials, all being shut down. Government over-reach. This is the kind of _____ they are waisting tax payer dollars on when the entire state is trying to survive under their lock downs?

  2. This is the most absurd bill I have seen in a long time. There is no logic to restricting animals from being used in a competitive humane manner any more than restricting humans from competing in any sport where harm can occur, including to children doing skateboarding, skiing, swimming, hockey, soccer, football, ad nauseum.
    We are wasting our time considering a bill like this when businesses are collapsing and our economy is tanking due to restrictions set in our state? Where did your common sense go? Let’s get back to legislating for the people, not against the people!

  3. While I don’t think you are wasting time. I think you may not understand that this would do away with 4-h. Dog shows, trick dog competition , horse shows especially dressage, agility dig events. Etc
    It is largely pushed by PETA and they are not an animal welfare group. Read their activities
    Please reconsider and move to stop this bill.

  4. Hi, Up until Covid, I took my trained trick pig to show off her skills at many retirement communities and memory care homes. “Amy” brought joy to many invalids who were incapacitated and unable to get out. We made many, many friends and brought laughter and joy far beyond what I ever anticipated we could do. There was no harm done, in fact Amy appeared to enjoy all the attention and we were always invited to return. Is this really something the government wants to end?

      • To address the reply – My point it that the broad scope of the bill nixes many activities beneficial to the uplifting mental health of humanity that are also seemingly quite harmless to the partnering animals. If fact, from my experience, the type of activities I was involved with also appeared to be mentally uplifting to my pig. Overall, I do not support the bill as it is presented.

  5. I have three retired show dogs. We had many hours of fun together doing agility and obedience competitions. I have a retired barrel racer who still wants to go at 19 yo.
    Why do you want to end the human animal partnerships that have thousands of years of history. This could push me out of Oregon to a more animal friendly state.

  6. Exhibiting dogs in events such as Dog Shows is primarily used to exhibit breeding stock where the dogs are judged against their respective Breed Standards. Since these dogs are also family companions, it is to their interests as becoming adjusted to family activities , so the American Kennel Club has added different events other than the promoting of pure bred dogs such as Rally, Obedience, Junior Showmanship and events aimed involving youth and families in a sport that is healthy for the dog and family.
    Dogs that are shown are used in many venues that often begin with the showing of these animals. Protection, Canine Police, Rescue, Farming, Therapy and Service dogs to name a few. The communities are financially benefitting from the dog shows also as well with many business and county parks, plus Fairgrounds to name a few.
    Taking HB3008 at it’s face value will not be in our state’s best interest as it will only end up limiting activities that involve family participation, lowering income and jobs at venues that allow these events, and not advance the breeding of healthy and animals used for specific purposes.
    Last I would like to add that none of the activities listed above are harmful to the dogs or the communities and families who own or participate. Instead they add to the quality of the communities. I highly recommend a no vote.

  7. As a long time dog show exhibitor & breeder I find this bill insulting. This is just another example of government taking away our liberties. Do not vote for this bill.

    • The bond of Human and canine well precedes this or any government, and is offensive and intrusive.
      The function of government is to do that for people what they cannot do for themselves. This proposed bill far exceeds that mandate.

      Warren Cook
      Southern Oregon Kennel Club

  8. This is absolutely absurd! If you’re doing this you might as well stop all sports, I don’t agree with the way humans are treated for entertainment!

    I have shown horses since I was a child. My horses are very well taken care of and want for nothing. They love their job. They are not pushed into the ground nor hurting in anyway.

    Get a life.

  9. I was very concerned about this, and immediately went to the Oregon Legislature Website to read the text of the bill. The website linked here will get you to the .pdf file. Section 3 lists the types of animals the prohibition applies to. It specifically EXEMPTS domestic dogs, bison, cows, pigs, llamas, sheet, reindeer, goats, cats, horses, mules, ponies, and domestic ferrets.. There are also specific exemptions for use of the prohibited EXOTIC type animals in education, wildlife, veterinary, and academic, settings.
    This bill is not trying to stop everybody from showing horses, participating in agility or breed shows with your dogs, or any other activities with domestic animals that people commenting so far have mentioned.
    Whomever reviewed this bill for the OCL needs to read it again, carefully.

  10. I’m confused. In the bill, on line 21, it says “(a) Any member of the family Canidae, except the species Canis familiaris (domestic dog);” There are similar clauses for other domesticated animals that use the word ‘except’. So dog shows/performance events/etc is not included in this bill? Could someone clarify?

    • Domestic dogs, cats and domestic horses are excluded. This primarily affect FFA and 4-H clubs exhibiting farm animals at fairs. And of course circus animals. “Performance” means a carnival, circus, display, exhibition, exposition, fair, parade, petting zoo, photographic opportunity, race, ride, trade show or similar undertaking during which an animal performs tricks, gives rides or otherwise entertains or amuses an audience, whether or not a fee is charged.

  11. This bill is ridiculous!! It hurts the kids that enjoy doing 4h and ffa. They need 4h and ffa, especially now!! With covid and no school, spending time with their animals and taking care of them helps them physically and mentally! And fair is their reward for their hard work.

  12. This bill serves no purpose beyond an attack on rural Oregon, and is ripe for abuse by Animal Rights groups to shut down 4H programs, State and County Fairs, Rodeos, and even livestock auctions at the expense of Oregon’s citizens.

    This Bill, like so many others in this session, needs to be dropped without action and the Legislature should focus their efforts on restoring public services and getting government out of the way of economic, wildfire, and COVID recovery.

    As it stands, the biggest threat to the rights, security, and economic recovery of all Oregonians is the current Legislative Agenda.

  13. I have friends who own exotic animals and care for them very well. They are often used in movies/film. It is a shame that children would not be allowed to see these beautiful animals in person except in a “zoo” experience. They are very intelligent and their owners and trainers take very good care of them and certainly would love to show them off to others, give rides, pet them, etc… The elephants in particular are so very well cared for and loving to their owners. I can understand chastising others for their mistreatment of such creatures, but they aren’t the “norm” in this industry that I’ve experienced. They are cared for, respected and fed very well and behave lovingly to their owners. There is absolutely no reason to ban seeing them perform in this state. I guess children in this would never know a “circus” with exotic animals the way we did growing up? As we all know, it will not end here, this is just a launching pad for more to come. I say NO!

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