Analyst Role

Position:  Analyst 
Reports To Team Leader   

Requirement:  Have a basic understanding of the Legislative process and how a bill becomes law and how to analyze a bill. There is exclusive Training Available.

Description:  Analyze, review and publish bills.

  • An analyst is assigned a Team Leader who is their Point Of Contact and a Track Their Vote analyst account to analyze bills.
  • The Team Leader is assigned by your selection on the Volunteer form by the areas you are most interested in helping with, if more than one area is selected, please include in the space provided and list any special abilities or areas of expertise.
  • The volunteer form may be updated at any time at the OCL website
  • An analyst may select any committee from the selection on TTV, and select any bill that they feel confident that they can analyze, score and rate the impact by the Five Core principles. (  OCL Team Leaders are responsible for certain Legislative Committees, if you select a bill that isn't in your Team Leaders area, you could be contacted by one of the other Team Leaders.  (Exclusive training is provided on how to use the TTV and how to analyze a bill).
  • Alert Bills that are published on TTV that are scored 8 or higher, please notify your Team Leader.
  • Once a bill has been selected, you own that bill for the duration of the legislative session, which includes analyzing amendments and tracking the bill as it moves through committees using RSS or eSubscribe.(Usage described in training video How to Use eSubcribe )
  • Questions or help, contact your Team Leader, the OCL Team is at your disposal.
  • Assist bill cleanup at the end of the session, including peer review and bills left to be analyzed.
  • Recruit peers to help with analyzing and joining the OCL Team.
  • Attend scheduled War Rooms whenever possible.

Analyst Procedure Operating Procedure

  • Open OCL dedicated email address: Check emails and respond as needed.
  • Open (OCL)
  • Review Alert Bills and Comment when appropriate.
  • Open (OLIS) Legislative Session
  • Open and log into (TTV)
  • MyToDoList
  • Peer Review bills and analyze bills – time permitting.

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