Change to Captcha

Hi – Have you noticed the captcha looks different?  It used to have a mathamatical problem you needed to solve.  That is no longer the case; now it just asks for the user to type in the numbers shown.  It doesn’t matter what color the numbers or background is, just type in the numbers you see, no spaces needed between…

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Comment Notifications

Hello Team Leaders! Here’s somthing a little new for 2019 that’s happening with the OCL website, when you post an action alert.  At the bottom of your published post, there is an area where website visitors can leave a comment. When a visitor makes a comment, you will be sent an email notification.  It will tell you which of your…

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Economic Development & Land Use

SB 1528B Creates Tax Credit for Contributions to Opportunity Grant Fund

VOTE: NO – Governor Brown Signed – Requires federal pass-thru tax credits for business owners be added back on Oregon returns…

Salem State Capital

HB 4115 Prohibits Elected Officials or Judges on PERS

Modifies retirement plan options of persons elected or appointed as statewide elected officials or judges.
Prohibits statewide elected official, judge of Supreme Court or Court of Appeals or legislator from becoming member of Public Employees Retirement System on or after July 1, 2018.

Salem State Capital

HB 4155A Broadband Internet Access

VOTE:NO – Governor Brown Signed into Law – Authorizes PUC to regulate broadband internet access providers that contract with public bodies, and prohibits a public body from contracting with a broadband Internet access provider if it engages in paid prioritization, blocks lawful content or applications, or disadvantages lawful Internet content.