SB 761 limits to electronic signature petition

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03/13/2019 1:00pm HR C
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Public Hearing held 3/13

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This bill requires any person signing a single-signature petition sheet to have personally print it out with sever consequences having all electronic petition sheets denied.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Unrealistic requirement for an electronic signature sheet to be printed by the person who signs it. Seniors don’t always have printers and I print for my mom and brother, and others when asked. This will make it harder to gather the required signatures and has the effect of preventing free speech.

Limited Government
This is an overreach of government. The requirement would be difficult to enforce and unnecessarily makes it harder for citizens to petition.

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  1. This would severely restrict my freedom of speech. I rely solely on electronics to keep up with the legislature. Please do not vote for this.

  2. This is nothing new. The SOS made up this rule long ago and has been functioning with it for years. Every RULE the SOS makes up about the petition process functions as though it was law…and has always had the power to close down anything it wants. About 10 years ago we took the SOS to court over a petition in which Kate Brown’s RULE which she made up for our petition, to court, and the federal judge said, “She can do what she wants, she’s the SOS.”

    THAT is far more troubling than actually putting this rule into the books.

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