SJR 22 lowers voting age to 16

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This bill amends Oregon Constitution lowering voting age from 18 to 16 years old. Referred to voters.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
In an attempt to improve voter turnout the bill lowers the voting age to 16 it instill an interest at an earlier age. The fallacy is that teenagers don’t have fully developed brains to manage executive processing decisions of a complex manner that has more universal consequences. Neuroscientists agree that the human brain hasn’t really developed until the mid 20’s, and most scientist claim the brain isn’t fully developed until age 25. Adding to much responsibility and stress to a developing brain has the same risk as alcohol or drug abuse that can permanently affect the brain. To allow 16 year olds voting rights may be harmful for many. The brain is constantly adapting to circumstances, environment and experiences that are essential to understand voting issues for the greater population outside of the teenage world. There are mature teens with exceptional reasoning skills, but they are a small percentage and they don’t represent the majority. This bill is aimed at getting the majority involved in voting.

Fiscal Responsibility
Not fiscally responsible to allow a 16 year old to impact the finances of the state when they aren’t supporting themselves and have had no financial independence.


  1. If they’re not old enough to defend this country, not old enough to buy a gun, not old enough to buy cigarettes. Then they’re not old enough to VOTE!

  2. Ballots will be lying around high schools with “ballot coaches” teaching students how to fill them out, then turning them in for them, a ballot custody nightmare. Don’t do this!

  3. How low can you go to get votes?? Female minds are “matured ” around 20 yrs of age; males about 25 yrs of age. Neither can buy a gun or purchase alcohol or tobacco @ 16….because they are not mentally able to make responsible decisions.
    NO ON VOTING @ AGE 16!!!!

  4. I am beyond words. Please do not have 16 year olds voting. You would have trouble having them lookup from their phones. The majority would not even know who the governor is. Have we all lost our minds , they have trouble reading the book to get their drivers license. NO TO 16 yr old to VOTE !!!!!!!!!!

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