HB 2059 fees on food production


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This bill allows State Department of Agriculture to impose fee increases on certain licenses concerning food production and extends sunset to July 1, 2025.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Imposes higher food production prices that are passed on to consumers.

Fiscal Responsibility
Extending the sunset allows the state to continue raising fees until July 1, 2025, which at that date establishes maximum fee for license following that date. The sunset expired on July 1, 2018.

Free Markets
Allows government to raise fees on food products that increases the cost of business and is passed down to consumers.


  1. Leave it to the Democrats to add more taxes (a.k.a. fees) on food production which increases the price of food we the people need to buy to survive. Thanks Governor Brown for requesting this increase of our food costs, shrinking the amount of food we can afford to buy to feed our families.

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