SB 925 Allows local govts, school districts, universities and ports to prohibit possession even by CHL holders

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This bill allows cities, counties, school districts, colleges and universities, metropolitan service districts and ports operating commercial airports to ban carried firearms even by those with CHL permits.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
There is no justification for this. CHL holders are the most law-abiding segment of society, committing crimes at even a lower rate than police officers. Further, they constantly save lives by being ‘there’ and stopping or at least slowing an attacker until police can arrive. 76% of Police Chiefs and Sheriffs said “law-abiding armed citizens help law enforcement reduce violent criminal activity” in the 28th annual survey by the National Association of Chiefs of Police at The FBI report on 50 active shooter incidents in 2016-2017 concluded that “Armed and unarmed citizens engaged the shooter in 10 incidents. They safely and successfully ended the shootings in eight of those incidents. Their selfless actions likely saved many lives.” There is NO problem this bill needs to solve, as concealed carry permit holders not only do not cause problems, they often end them. This bill would likely cost lives.

Limited Government
Holders of concealed permits have gone through extensive background checks and have proven they are not a threat to anyone. For government to force these citizens to disarm and be defenseless is unconscionable. No one has a right to deny someone else the ability to defend their life.


  1. Any law or rule against the Second Amendment is Unconstitutional. Continuing to treat the law abiding worse then criminals is not the answer.! We The people of this state have the right to defend ourselves and those who can’t. Why not get rid of the sanctuary city crap and go where the criminals live. Instead of using our Constitution as toilet paper why not use it to properly enforce the laws. As long as our state gov. continues to aid and give welfare to illegals and crimminals, we will keep our guns!!

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