SB 592A increased penalties for employee accidents

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Senate Bill 592 A requires the Director of DCBS to conduct a comprehensive workplace inspection when an accident investigation reveals a violation caused or contributed to a work-related fatality or when three or more willful or repeated violations occur within a one-year period at a place of employment. The measure also establishes minimum and maximum civil penalties for specified violations of state occupational safety or health requirements and requires the director to annually adjust civil penalties.

The bill’s proposed postviolation and post-accident inspections,  increased civil penalties and necessary reporting that may lead to citation and inspection quotas – the bill would have marginal or counter-productive affects that would actually discourage employer investment in safety measures on forestry jobsites.
The bill would perversely pit OR-OSHA against employers,  rather than employing the Oregon Way of cooperation and coordination in the pursuit of safer and better outcomes.

Another reason for businesses to leave Oregon.


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