SB 1583A Permits teachers to use “gender ideology” materials in curriculum

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Bringing back in 2025
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This bill does not allow a board or a person to choose or not choose materials that are used in a school when the choice is discrimination. Prohibits discrimination when selecting textbooks, instructional materials, program materials or library books that are used in the public schools of this state. Declares an emergency so voters cannot override this law by initiative.

This bill restricts local school boards from directing curriculum in schools. It’s a direct attack to protect the gender ideology. This will further separate parent control over their children, and prevent their voices from being heard.

Oregon enrollment dropped 21,744 in 2020, 7,905 in 2021 and another 632 in 2022-23. They can no longer blame COVID for the continued decline. We have to stop making bad laws for the trend to reverse. The sad outcome is that low-income and minorities are impacted with no choice, stuck in a declining system that no longer prioritizes reading, writing and math.

This bill furthers the intrusion of sexually explicit books into our schools and libraries. Children shouldn’t be exposed to books advocating sex of any kind and with content that’s borderline encouraging pedophilia. Promoting immoral and illegal activities is raising up lawlessness and evil, and they wonder why behavior in schools has deteriorated.

This is the worst bill of the session we cannot let this pass. The proposed amendment does not remove the offensive prohibitions.

Update: Parents’ Rights in Education Successfully Swayed Lawmakers to STOP Dangerous Oregon Legislation!

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  1. Vote no on this bill SB 1583. Children are in school to learn math, science, reading, writing and social studies. Oregon’s schools are not doing this job well. Parents should not have to worry about their children learning about sexually while picking up a book in a school library. Things that are okay for adults to read. The parents and their elected school board representatives need to be the ones making decisions on what books are appropriate in their children’s schools.

  2. Are you all out of your minds? Our children do not need to be exposed to this gender garbage. They are there to learn skills of life. Math, science, reading, writing and oregon schoolshave not been good at teaching our children, those useful skills. Vote no there is no place for this in schools.
    Please show this to the legislature.

  3. Terrible idea! Schools are failing to prepare our kids to be self sufficient for the work place. Stop poisoning their minds!

  4. This is just another authoritarian takeover of parents and school boards rights and duties. The parents and school boards have the right to dictate what their own children are exposed to in a public institution that is funded by their own tax dollars. This is a waste of government funds when Oregon schools are failing miserably in the basic life knowledge of math, science, reading, writing, etc.
    Vote NO!

  5. Children do not need to learn about gender identity. They need to learn how to read, write, arithmetic and critical thinking.

    We need to educate children to help them succeed in life

    I oppose this bill

    Mary Schreiner

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