SB 225A prohibits law enforcement assigned to schools

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Work Session 05/13/2021 1:00pm
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This bill prohibits district school boards from authorizing or approving contract that provides for members of law enforcement agency to be assigned to schools of school district. Modifies definition of alternative education program, contracting requirements, legal requirements, and placement requirements.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
School safety officers patrol a school’s perimeter and surrounding neighborhood to keep our students safe. They provide back-up support to teachers and counselors when warranted by student behavior, protecting students from being victimized and reducing calls to local law enforcement. And according to a report released by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2020, school safety officers are a key factor in preventing school shootings. And they want to eliminate a program that is actually keeping our kids safe.

Limited Government
Currently, the statutes governing alternative education programs specify a payment calculation that is lower than the rates that apply to charter high schools in the state. Additionally, school district superintendents can unilaterally enter into contracts with law enforcement agencies to assign officers to schools. SB 225A modifies requirements for alternative education programs, including applicable laws, funding provisions, notice requirements, reporting requirements, oversight requirements and requirements related to special education and 504 Plans. Requires alternative education programs to ensure that at least 50 percent of teachers and administrators are licensed and to have criminal records check of all nonlicensed employees who have direct, unsupervised contact with school children. Requires that school boards consider any contract between a law enforcement agency and the school district, and establishes a minimum distribution for education service districts receiving funds from the Statewide Education Initiatives Account.

Local Control
Limits local control, taking decision-making authority away from families, educators, and school districts. SB 225A would add 11 pages to the Oregon Revised Statutes mandating every aspect of how districts run their alternative schools, special education programs, and 504 plans.


  1. I am a middle school English teacher. I often am assigned to teach newcomers to our country and one of the highlights of the year is when I invite the police officer assigned to our school into the classroom. They speak about their job and the students ask questions (the lesson is the Question Words; who, where, what, when, why) from the officer. Not only is it easy to find an officer who can take time out of his day, but it also is much more important to let this person in a friendly environment interact and help these children acclimatize to an officer. We want them to learn to come to trust and cooperate with a police officer. Do not take that opportunity away. By removing him/her, you are contributing to the anxiety our society is building against the police. How else are we to build the trust and cooperation we need to have less of the difficult situations.

    Mrs. Lowell

  2. In a day an age of increasing violence, gang activity and addiction in our society, the last thing we need is to get rid of school resource officers. I wonder how parents are going to feel the next time there’s a school shooting that could have been prevented by an SRO but there wasn’t one on to stop it? Vote NO!

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