SB 551 OHA in charge of dispensing firearms info

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Work Session 04/04/2023 3:00pm HR B
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This bill requires school districts to provide specified information related to secure storage of medications and firearms on the district’s website and through communications. It is simple language like this that is used to try to trick the masses.

The agency in charge of disseminating that information would be the Oregon Health Authority, which may be appropriate for medication, but they are not a subject matter expert on firearms and nothing in the bill prevents this agency from simply distributing anti-gun propaganda to impressionable young children. The problem is, it does not say what that “information” is, who provides it, or who assures it’s accurate and unbiased.

State law already mandates how firearms must be stored. The agency with authority for enforcing this is the Oregon State Police, who would be better equipped to provide non-biased information on firearms storage.

The state refuses to allow students to be taught how to handle a firearm, but want them to know how to store it.

It is also disturbing how much authority the legislature has given OHA over every aspect of our life. The next step may be to tie inadequate storage to mental health to remove the guns.


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