SB 594 prohibits software monitoring students

In Committee
Work Session 04/12/2021 3:15pm
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Work Session scheduled 4/12, contact committee members directly

This bill prohibits school district boards from authorizing, and school districts from using, software that monitors students computer usage. Prohibits unnecessary databases on students that is an invasion of privacy.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Protects students from personal intrusion. As virtual classes has become necessary during the pandemic, so is protecting student privacy.

Limited Government
“Monitoring software” means any programs, procedures, routines or other technologies associated with the operation of a computer that enable a person to obtain information about another person’s computer activities or computer usage based on the physical characteristics or movements of the computer user.

Local Control
A school district board may not authorize, and a school district may not use, any monitoring software related to a student’s computer usage. The prohibition applies to computers provided by the school district and to computers provided by the student for school district purposes.

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