SB 702 Social studies standards review

Signed into Law by Gov Brown

Status (overview) of bill:
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Sponsored by Sens. Dembrow & Manning Jr.

This bill requires State Board of Education to review social studies standards by December 31, 2025. Establishes consultation requirements and considerations.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Without public and parent input, how can parents critic and make sure critical race theory does not dominate.

Limited Government
Currently, Oregon’s content standards for K-12 schools are reviewed on a rotating basis by the State Board of Education. SB 702B requires the State Board of Education to review the social studies standards by December 31, 2025. As a part of the review, the board shall consult with any combination of the following but must include at least one person who is:

(a) A public school student in any grade from grade 9 through 12; (b) The parent of a public school student in any grade; (c) A person who graduated from a public high school in 2015 or any subsequent year; (d) A public school teacher in any grade from grade 9 through 12; (e) An education advocate; (f) A voting rights advocate; (g) A representative of a culturally specific organization; and (h) A representative of the Department of Education.

When conducting the review, the board shall consider emphasizing civics education and making more accessible instruction related to: (a) Voting rights and how to vote; (b) Current and historical social movements; (c) The roles of local governments and tribal governments; and (d) The United States Constitution, the Oregon Constitution and the constitutional form of government in this country.


  1. Keeping Critical Race Theory out of our schools is absolutely essential to prevent the further eroding of our society. What happened in Portland all last summer is partly the result of inadequate or revisionist history being taught in our public schools and colleges and universities. There MUST be public and parental input to ensure that social studies does not transform our kids into “Woke” malcontents with a chip on their shoulder and a hate on for White America.

  2. Those that push and teach the Critical Race Theory should be arrested and tried for mental child abuse. This truly is child abuse in its most egregious form. We need to stand up and fight for what is right for our children and grandchildren.

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