SB 1589 return to in-person voting

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This bill makes voting in person the normal method for voting. Requires voters to show picture ID when voting or requesting a ballot. Makes in-person voting on the date of an election the standard method for conducting an election. Allows an elector to request a ballot that may be voted by mail if the elector is unable to vote in person on the date of the election. Retains vote by mail as the primary method for conducting elections for military and overseas electors and for electors who have a mailing address outside of Oregon. Requires electors to present valid government-issued identification when appearing in-person to vote or when requesting a ballot be sent by mail. Requires all ballots to be returned by the date of an election. Removes a requirement that the state pay postage for ballots returned by mail.

Voting in-person is currently an option for counties, however, the Secretary of State is intimidating county clerks not to consider the option.

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  1. Mail in voting is notorious for enabling multiple fraud vectors. There’s a reason the Democrats passed a law so we can’t purge our voter rolls til the next census. There’s no reason we can’t do this in Oregon save laziness on the part of the electorate.

  2. Yes I fully am for vote in person and with ID. It used to be in person voting before and needs to go back to that way. It will eliminate many of the fraud problems, Vote Yes and do this,other states have in person voting it’s time Oregon goes back to it.

  3. We need to return to in person voting with paper ballots. WE have not had free and fair elections in Oregon for a long time. This needs to change.

  4. I am in full support of in-person voting using paper ballots and verification with photo id. I believe this will restore the faith in the voting process by greatly eliminating the possibility of fraud. Anyone who desires to drive a motor vehicle in this state finds a way to make it to the DMV and apply with a verifiable voter id. That is the law. Why not apply the same principle to the voting process, one of the most basic rights of We The People. This process will also assist in cleaning up our voter rolls. That also would result in the reduction of voter fraud.

  5. I am all in favor of in-person voting along with required photo id and signature guarantee. Common sense to prevent voter fraud.

  6. In person, with valid picture ID on Election Day is the Gold Standard; hand counting with a Counting Board is as well.

  7. I truly believe we completely lost truth and transparency in our voting process when we went to mail-in ballots. I would love to see us go back to in person voting with paper ballots and showing valid citizenship ID.

    When Oregonians overwhelmingly voted against giving illegal immigrates drivers licenses our then Governor went behind our backs with executive order to allow them licenses; then also charged DMV to register everyone to vote why? very suspicious to me.

    Everyone in my family would support stopping mail-in voting with the exception for the elderly and disabled.

  8. I am UTTERLY opposed to requiring a return to in person voting. For me and many I know getting out and going to the polls to vote. I cannot stand and wait hours, cannot drive and I live rurally. I stll want to exercise my constitutional right to vote.

    As we saw in th Bush vs Gore case in Florida. Oregon does validate ID when you get your license. There has not been enough voter fraud to warrent a return to the measures mentioned in above comments.

    Please add to the public record.

    • Mary, you can still request a ballot by mail with in-person voting. Always have been able to do that. Vote by mail was pushed on us to reduce the cost of elections – it didn’t. It was pushed on us to increase voter turnout – it didn’t. The only thing it did was increase voter fraud, in spite of what the lamestream media keeps telling you. Especially now that the county clerks are forbidden to clean up the voter rolls.

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