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From Rep. Lily Morgan’s (R, HD3) Action Alert Newsletter…

Please send in testimony; rank-choice voting is an instant runoff system that neutralizes the people’s will. There is total reliance on computer programming, without a way to audit the results.

HB 2004 establishes ranked choice voting as voting method for selecting winner of nomination for and elections to offices of President of these United States, US Senator, Representatives in Congress, Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer and Attorney General.

This bill would further confuse voting in Oregon by establishing Ranked Choice Voting. According to the non-partisan Foundation for Government Accountability:
• Ballots in ranked-choice voting elections are more complex than traditional “one-person, one vote” elections.
• Exhausted ballots in ranked-choice voting races silence the voice of significant portions of the electorate.
• Districts using ranked-choice voting have lower voter turnout rates.
• Ranked-choice voting changes and delays the election counting process.

It is scheduled for a Public Hearing in the House Committee on Rules on Thursday, March 16, at 1:00 pm.  Click here to submit written testimony.

Testimony can be submitted up to 48 hours after the hearing, and of course, any time before the hearing.

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