Hudson, Gorsek Virtual Town Hall, 7-17-21, 11am

Hudson, Gorsek Virtual Town Hall, 7-17-21, 11am

A joint “end of session” zoom town hall has been rescheduled by Rep. Hudson (D, HD-49), and Sen. Gorsek (D, SK-25) for Saturday, July 17, 2021 at 11am. The legislators will give you a recap of the 2021 session and outline their plans on what they want to do the in the 2022 session, should Oregon still be here by then.

Here’s an excerpt from Rep. Hudson’s 6-29-21 newsletter detailing the things he’s proud of from this session:

“I was happy to partner with many advocates to help pass SB 763, which will require all pharmaceutical representatives to be licensed, making the pharmaceutical industry more transparent and accountable. Some other bills I was happy to support included SB 3073, which makes childcare more affordable and accessible for low-income and working families, HB 2927, which creates the Oregon Department of Emergency Management to modernize Oregon’s response to natural disasters and other crises, and HB 2009, which extends the eviction moratorium. I’m thankful that these, and many other bills, were passed, and I’m excited to see these bills help working Oregonians.”

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Date(s) - 07/17/2021
11:00 am



  1. Great, let me help you read between the lines:
    SB 763, requires pharmaceutical reps to be licensed; supposedly for transparency and accountability. REALITY: costs to license these people mean more fees to the state coffers and higher costs to the consumer to cover these extra license fees.

    SB 3073: Makes childcare more affordable & accessible. REALITY: Why is the government making taxpayers pay for someone’s babysitter? I guess they think it’s no different than paying for someone’s abortion.

    HB 2927, modernizes Oregon’s response to disasters & other crises. REALITY: Creates more paid government staff workers making up rules about stuff they don’t have first hand knowledge of, and increases taxes to pay for it.

    HB 2009, extends the eviction moratorium. REALITY: Too many tenants are taking advantage of this by simply not paying their rent. The form they are supposed to fill out to get out of paying their rent has no proof requirements and the landlords cannot challenge it at all. This is greatly adding to the shortages of rental housing as the Mom & Pop landlords – who make up the majority of rental house owners – cant afford to let people keep living in their properties for FREE. The state claims to be helping landlords by paying some of their past due rent, providing the landlord forfeits 20% of the actual rent. Why should the landlords be required to give up any rent due? They still have to pay 100% of maintenance costs and property taxes while the tenants lived in the property 100% of the time. Because of this kind of over-reach and unfairness by our legislators, rental houses are being sold at record numbers to owner-occupiers and out-of-staters.

    Good job Rep. Hudson.

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