Knopp-Levy-Kropf Virtual Town Hall, 4-29-23, 11am

Knopp-Levy-Kropf Virtual Town Hall, 4-29-23, 11am


11:00 am - 12:00 pm


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Sen. Knopp, (R, SD27-Bend)Rep. Levy, (D, HD53-Bend); and Rep. Kropf, (D, HD54-Bend), will be holding a virtual town hall on Sat, Ap 29th from 11am.  The focus will be on housing and homelessness – one of the main issues facing the Legislature this Session.

SB 611 is a bill that would modify an existing rent control law to cap rent increases at building more than 3 years old at 10% or 5% plus the consumer price index.

The fact is, rent control doesn’t work.  Any short-term benefits, including the applause of some misinformed constituents, are always overshadowed by the long-term problems rent control creates – like housing shortages!!

As Swedish economics professor Assar Lindbeck has observed, “Rent control appears to be the most efficient technique presently known to destroy a city – except for bombing.”   (Borrowed from In the news, by William MacKenzie)

You can watch the town hall on his Facebook page   It’s supposed to be on Zoom also, but he hasn’t sent out a link for it.

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  1. Senator Knopp, Rep. Levy and Rep. Kropf: Please for the sake of all parties concerned, can you talk about approving a hearing for the Greater Idaho movement with the bill, SJM 2? Benefits potentially for all. Especially: Those benefits for western Oregon are financial, political, and the satisfaction of not holding eastern Oregon without eastern Oregon’s consent.

    This is simply an opportunity to open a dialog with Idaho to change the border. It does no harm to anyone nor any political ambitions. Rural Oregon needs to have more say in Oregon’s matters. Here is an opportunity for you to begin a process. This is an extremely important issue and one that deserves to be discussed. Thank You.

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