M110 Tele-Town Hall, 1-30-24, 7-8pm

M110 Tele-Town Hall, 1-30-24, 7-8pm


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Save the Date, Tues, Jan 30 from 7-8pm will be a tele-town hall on Measure 110, the “Drug Treatment and Recovery Act” which is turning our state into a slum with hardly anyone getting any treatment or recovery.  Reps Rick Lewis (R, HD18), Tracy Cramer (R, HD 22), Jeff Helfrich (R, HD52), Christine Goodwin (R, HD4), Ed Diehl (R, HD17), and Kevin Mannix (R, HD21) will be attending.  Details will be updated here as soon as they are given.

Save the Date, Tele-Town Hall, Jan 30, 2024

House Republicans recently rolled out a plan to end Measure 110 once and for all. The proposal will 1) recriminalize hard drug possession and public drug use while still prioritizing treatment over jail, 2) replace voluntary with mandatory drug treatment, 3) crackdown on drug dealing, and 4) create a better system of funding for treatment services.

Enabling people to live on the streets and poison themselves is not compassionate, but that is exactly what Measure 110 is doing.

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