Sen. Ron Wyden Town Hall – Enterprise

Sen. Ron Wyden Town Hall - Enterprise

Sen. Ron Wyden (Democrat)

No information found online for this town hall meeting other than it’s time and location.

1:30 pm at the Senior Center Community Connection (room not listed, hopefully they will have signs) in Wallowa County.

Date(s) - 10/12/2019
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Senior Center Community Connection



    • It’s interesting that when you ask a liberal if they believe in Equal Opportunity or Equal Outcome they will almost always answer Equal Opportunity. Most so called liberals are really not as liberal as they think they are if you can get them to see reality.

  1. You know if this guy wouldn’t demonize people who use investment proceeds as a source of their income I might listen to his rhetoric. “the .3% of taxpayers whose income is drawn from investment earnings.” My wife & I are living on about $40,000 a year total. A large percentage of that money comes from investment income of various types ie pension, IRA & savings. All those derive income from investment. If we are in the top .3% of earners I’ll eat my hat. Besides that..there is risk involved in a lot of investment income. That needs to be considered as well. Making distributions to other people derived from taxes carries far less risk as to certainty of payment. Sheeezz.

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