Sen. Ron Wyden Town Halls – Lane & Marion Counties, 1/3/20

Sen. Ron Wyden Town Halls - Lane & Marion Counties, 1/3/20

Sen. Ron Wyden (Democrat) Oregon Senator

Lane County @ 5:00 pm –Roosevelt Middle School Commons/Cafeteria

Marion County @ 1:00 pm – Chemeketa Community College Building 6 Auditorium

No information found for these town halls, nothing found on his website, or Facebook page either.

This is the only thing addressing town halls on his website: ‘Senator Wyden pledges open-to-all town meetings in each county in Oregon each year he serves in the Senate. Wyden has held 926 meetings where he refrains from speeches, listens to the concerns of Oregonians, and answers questions.’

Date(s) - 01/03/2020
All Day

Roosevelt Middle School, Commons/Cafeteria



  1. You mean the traitorous pos is spending our taxpayer $’s to fly out here from his home on the east coast to pretend he gives a flying fig what we think? I want to know how the liar qualified to represent a state he doesn’t live in and how much money he made from foreign governments to destroy the President and America. How much soros money backs him and who else puts money in his pocket

  2. This man resides in New York City. He is married to an “Uptown Girl” from New York City. They have children who attend schools in New York. Ever think an “Uptown Girl” would want to live in Shithole Portlandia? Answer: Ron Wyden’s resides in New York City. Carpetbagger in Oregon is what he has become.

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