Sollman Town Hall, 2-2-24, 10-11am, Hillsboro

Sollman Town Hall, 2-2-24, 10-11am, Hillsboro


10:00 am - 11:00 am


Ava's Roasteria, Hillsboro
936 NE Orenco Station Loop, Hillsboro, OR, 97124

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Sen Solman (D, SD15) will have an in-person Community Conversation on Fri. Feb 2 from 10-11 am at the Ava Roasteria in Hillsboro.

One of the many bills she has signed on to be a Co-Chief Sponsor of is the School Based Health Centers Expansion.  Just what we want; more outside interference in raising our children.  Here’s how she explains it – do you see anything in there about contacting the parents?

Problem: We are currently experiencing a youth mental health crisis across the country and Oregon is ranked dead last for youth mental health support. We have the highest rates of depression and limited access to support systems. In the past two years, as students swing from online learning to hybrid schooling, and back to in-person learning, mental health challenges and behavioral issues have ramped up in schools. In 2023, Oregon had the fourth highest rate of absenteeism of any state, with 36.1% of students missing 10% or more of the school year. Kids can’t learn if they are not healthy and it’s showing up in our schools. A study conducted in Oregon found that youth at SBHCs that increased mental health capacity were 12% less likely to report a depressive episode; 15% less likely to report suicidal ideation; and 18% more likely to report a suicide attempt.
Solution: Provide resources immediately to support the mental health of young people. Our schools are the heart of our communities, and placing school-based health centers, school nurses, and mental health providers onsite provides low-barrier access to the care our youth desperately need.

2024 Proposals:

    • $1.1 million for 10 two-year planning grants for districts to convene their community to establish SBHCs, school nursing, and mental health supports
    • $5.85 million for mental health funding for schools with and without a SBHC
    • $522,000 for SBHC inflation adjustment to preserve the workforce (this will be the first adjustment since 2011)
    • $10 million in Capital Bonding for ready-made SBHC modular units.

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