Taylor & Power Virtual Town Hall, 5-1-21, 10-11:30am

Taylor & Power Virtual Town Hall, 5-1-21, 10-11:30am

Two progressive legislators; Sen. Kathleen Taylor (Dem., SD-21) and Rep. Karin Power (Dem., HD-41) will be doing a joint virtual Town Hall on May 1st from 10-11:30am. This is a great opportunity to ask them questions, and let them know your thoughts on the issues you’re most concerned about. To register to attend, please visit this link.


Here’s some of the bills Sen. Taylor is sponsoring, two of which have passed in the Senate and are now in the House.

Senate Bill 483: Workplace Retaliation Protection (passed in the Senate, now in the House)

Workplace Safety  has become a critical concern during the pandemic. However, oftentimes workers are retaliated against for raising concerns or asking for basic safety protections in the workplace. Currently, if a worker raises a safety concern and faces some sort of adverse action from their employer as a result, it is up to the employee to prove they were retaliated against. This is a significant legal hurdle and an unfair burden to place on workers. SB 483 would shift the burden to the employer to prove that their action was not retaliatory by creating a rebuttable presumption. SB 483 has passed the Senate and has been referred to the House Committee on Rules.

Senate Bill 589: RTO Report & Advisory Committee

Around the U.S., Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) manage the wholesale sale of electricity over large geographic regions. This allows for the purchase of electricity at fair and consistent prices, can increase reliability, and help facilitate our decarbonization goals. There are already ongoing conversations about the development of an RTO across the West, and many states are already working to understand how an RTO would benefit their state. SB 589 will initiate this process in Oregon by directing the Oregon Department of Energy to compile a report and establish an advisory committee to provide input to determine how Oregon can best participate in an RTO. SB 589 has passed the Senate and has been referred to the House Committee on Energy and Environment

Senate Bill 485: Student Debt Bill of Rights

After a student takes out a loan it is passed to a third party called a loan servicer. These loan servicers are subject to very little federal regulation and often don’t act in the best interest of loan holders. This has motivated several states to take action to regulate these loan servicers and protect student borrowers. SB 485 creates licensing and oversight in Oregon  and also creates an ombudsman to assist students borrowers with complaints. SB 485 has passed out of its committee and has been referred to the Joint Committee on Ways and Means.  

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Date(s) - 05/01/2021
10:00 am - 11:30 am


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