HB 2172 Makes sentencing flexible


This bill converts mandatory minimum sentences for specified felonies other than murder to presumptive sentences. The intent is to allow a lesser sentence than mandated by Measure 11.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
For victims trying to move on and heal from abuse, letting their abusers off with lesser sentences is unconscionable. Eight of the nine female prosecutors in Oregon issued a letter outlining how dangerous bills gutting Measure 11 in the legislature would cause more victims to suffer in silence. A part of a suite of bills intended to gut the spirit of Measure 11 while 78% of Oregon voters oppose repealing Measure 11 making our communities less safe.

Limited Government
Authorizes court to impose greater or lesser sentence according to sentencing guidelines of Oregon Criminal Justice Commission. Authorizes person receiving presumptive sentence to be eligible for certain programs and sentence reductions. Dismantles Measure 11 minimum sentencing guidelines.

Early release will re-traumatize victims of violent crime


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