SB 1548 Multi-State Effort for Standard Time


This bill is introduced by Senator Kim Thatcher:

“Oregonians have long-expressed their desire to stop changing the clock,” said Thatcher. “Some prefer keeping daylight saving time over standard time, and many don’t care which – they just want to stop changing the clock. Since daylight saving time is just not possible without congressional approval, and after waiting five years for Congress to approve a DST bill that passed here in Oregon in 2019, standard time has become a common-sense choice for 2024 and doesn’t need approval from Congress. Research also shows standard time is the healthier choice! I’m grateful to have the privilege of working with our surrounding states as they, too, introduce bills to ditch the switch!”

In Washington, Senate Bill 5795, introduced by Senator Mike Padden, received a public hearing last Tuesday in the Senate State Government and Elections Committee.

“If there is one issue most people agree on, it’s the dislike of moving their clocks from standard time to daylight saving time in the spring and then back to standard time in the fall,” said Padden of Spokane Valley. “There have been scientific studies connecting several health problems with switching back and forth between standard time and daylight saving time, including greater risks of heart attacks and more frequent workplace injuries. This bill would allow Washington to finally ‘ditch the switch’ by keeping us on standard time permanently.”

In California, Assemblyman Tri Ta of Westminster has introduced Assembly Bill (AB) 1776 and is awaiting a committee hearing. “California voters are tired of disruptive time changes that have outlived their usefulness,” said Ta. “I am honored to join this multi-state coalition, and I know that this will make a difference to promote the health of the people of California and across the American West.”

The principal co-author of AB 1776, Senator Roger Niello of Fair Oaks, shared, “I am glad to be collaborating with representatives of multiple states to make standard time permanent.” He continued, “Different legislative processes and timelines can be challenging, but we are all working together to make Pacific Standard Time permanent so that our constituents can avoid the disruptive process of adjusting their clocks twice a year and adapting to the time change.”

“In Idaho our standard time bill has been drafted as RS30948 and will move to the House State Affairs Committee within the next 10 days, where we are confident of its passage,” said Idaho state Representative Joe Alfieri of Coeur d’Alene.

REFERRED TO HOUSE Committee On Emergency Management, General Government, and Veterans

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  1. PROOF that when they want to, Oregon legislators WILL converse with other states to work things out. So stop dragging your feet on talking with Idaho about moving the border Rep. Owens/Senator Findley; your constituents have voted in favor of doing this and you do NOTHING about it.

  2. Daylight savings time is an arcane practice dating back to the FirstvWorld War. It serves no valid purpose and should therefore be terminated. Vote YES on a return to standard time.

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