SB 1571 labeling on campaign ads designed by AI


This bill requires labeling on campaign ads designed by Artificial Intelligence.  SB 1571 summary reads, “Requires a disclosure of the use of artificial intelligence in campaign communications. Provides for the enforcement of the requirement. Subjects a violation of the requirement to a civil penalty not to exceed $10,000. Declares an emergency, effective on passage.”

“Artificial intelligence” means digital technology used in a manner to create an image, audio recording or video recording of an individual’s appearance, speech or conduct to produce a depiction that a reasonable person would believe is of a real individual in appearance, speech or conduct but that did not actually occur in reality.

In any action brought under this section, the circuit court may at any time enter such injunctions, prohibitions or restraining orders, or take any other actions as the court may deem proper.

Transparency of manipulated advertisements and communications is important.

Amendment -2 adds exception for interactive computer services, regularly published newspaper, magazine, radio or television station, including a cable or satellite television operator, programmer or producer, that broadcasts a campaign communication that includes synthetic media as part of a bona fide newscast, or content that constitutes satire, parody or that is substantially dependent on the ability of an individual to physically or verbally impersonate a candidate without the use of technology.

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