SJM 4 Reparations for African Americans


Chief Sponsor: Sen. Manning Jr.

This bill requests Congress to enact starting implementing reparations for African Americans based on Slavery and discrimination.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
It has been close to 160 years since anyone owned an African Slave. Will create victimhood where it is not warranted. There were Chinese, and Irish indentured persons, what about them! African Americans owned slaves, American Indians took slaves. This bill is Racist in its concept!

Fiscal Responsibility
Once you go down this path, and start paying people that were never slaves from people that never owned slaves, the hole gets deeper!

Limited Government
Oregon was never a slave State! This is a Federal Issue.


  1. Once again, this is the demon spawn of Critical Race Theory which does absolutely nothing to unify but to divide. As the son of European immigrants who came to this country in the late 1800s why should I have to pay for something my ancestors had no part in? This is nothing but shameless pandering based on race to perpetuate the Democrats much desired victim class. NO!

  2. Please make yourselves appear rational and legislative. Vote NO on reparations. There should be no appropriations to any color or race. Our constitution calls for protecting our nation not giving money away, and especially for centuries ago. Vote NO

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