SJM 4 Starts legislation for Black Reparations


This bill requests legislation be enacted to start implementing reparations for African Americans based on Slavery and discrimination.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
It has been close to 160 years since anyone owned an African Slave. Will create victimhood where it is not warranted. There were Chinese, and Irish indentured persons, what about them! African Americans owned slaves, American Indians took slaves. This bill is Racist in its concept!

Fiscal Responsibility
Once you go down this path and start paying people that were never slaves from people that never owned slaves, the hole gets deeper!

Limited Government
Oregon was never a slave State! This is a Federal Issue.


  1. I do NOT support this bill American’s haven’t had slaves for over 100 years, we shouldn’t be paying for the sins of our great great grandfathers. Not to mention there were many Blacks who bought and sold slaves also, do their families now pay for their sins? This is a slippery slope of victimhood what will be next?

  2. This is not our issue, this was the issue of the people way back when. Our society is not the ones who bought and sold slaves and should not be held accountable to pay for this. We are going backwards and not forwards, we need to learn from history. Once you open this up, it will never end.

  3. 2021R1 SJM4 – NEA


    I oppose this bill based upon the grounds that public funds are to be used in a racially discriminatory manner for events that current taxpayers are not accountable for.

    If reparations are needed to clear your conscience, then add in native tribes, the Irish, Polish and Italian immigrants also.

    thank you

    Mike Sears

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