HB 2176 Transforms Oregon Elections

Died in Committee – 2015

House Committee On Rules

Section 3, clause 1 of HB 2176 expands Presidential ballot only provision to all Federal candidates. ORS247.410 – 247.420 Essentially in calling for a hybrid of SAME DAY VOTER REGISTRATION for federal office ballots. This is a MASSIVE ASSAULT ON LOCAL CONTROL of elections. This bill would allow the same kinds of shenanigans we saw with the Rajneesh community back in the 80s only on a grander scale. It would allow people to show up at the elections office on election day and say they have just moved here and they want to vote for the local Congressional Candidates.

Section 2, clause 3 of HB 2176 also allows a person to email in a voter registration card. Currently someone can register online if they have an Oregon Driver’s license. This would allow anyone with an email account to register to vote. Oregon has someone registered to vote with a geo location of the middle of the Willamette River, their mailing address can be anywhere in the world. This weakens the reliability of Oregon’s voter registration process.

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