HB 2877 Imposes Tax on Older Vehicles

Died In Committee

This bill will require an impact tax on vehicles 20 years old or older of $1000 paid every five years unless the vehicle is registered as an antique.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
This is the Cash for Clunkers in reverse, you pay $200 a year for the right to use your older vehicle! Or $77.00 as an antique with limited usage.

Limited Government
Clear overreach of Citizens choice of what private property they own. As with cash for clunkers, this is green engineering to remove older vehicles, no matter what the cost to citizens.

Free Markets
Impedes the used car market by adding more cost to owning an older vechicle.



James walz says:

There are thousands of older non-operable vehicles that have titles and not in use. This bill is ridiculous and smacks of the Democratic socialist problem in Oregon. As a collector of old cars this bill deserves 10 thumbs down.

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