HB 3144 Increases Legislators salary

Died In Committee on 06-26-21
Status (overview) of bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Measures/Overview/HB3144
Committee assigned to bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Committees/HMPL/Overview

This bill changes annual salary of members of Legislature at annual mean occupational employment and wage estimate for Oregon for year preceding start of biennium. Directs Legislative Revenue Officer to report annual mean occupational employment and wage estimate on or before May 1 of each odd-numbered year.

Fiscal Responsibility
Current law sets legislator pay at an annual salary that equals one step below the maximum step of the Salary Range 1 in the Management Service Compensation Plan in the Oregon executive department, which is currently $32,832 per year. Compared to the 2019 mean occupational employment and wage estimate for Oregon reported by the Secretary of State is $55,027. Using these numbers, the difference of $1,850 per month in salary plus related benefits, would result in a fiscal impact of approximately $4 million to the Legislative Assembly’s personal services budget for the 18 months of the 2021-23 biennium. HB 3144 changes annual legislator pay to the annual mean occupational employment and wage estimate for Oregon as determined by the Legislative Revenue Office beginning on January 1, 2022, which potentially will be higher. This isn’t the time to obligate 4+million when the whole state is hurting.


  1. BJ says:

    I don’t see that they are taking testimony at the link provided – ?? “No measures available for testimony.” is what you get when you click on the link to submit testimony. :/

    • dbleiler says:

      You can only use the OLIS form until the end of the day of the Public Hearing. From that point on including the work sessions they won’t post testimony so you need to send directly to committee members. Sometimes we don’t get alerts posted in time to use the OLIS form, but we try and say upfront where to send your testimony. This alert says: Contact committee members and your representative.

      Sorry, but I’ve complained numerous times that testimony should be posted up to the work session,

      • BJ says:

        I agree! It’s just another way to silence our voices – by cutting off our ability to send in testimony. Just because the public hearing is over, doesn’t mean they have made up their minds on the subject. They are supposed to be representing US. We need to be able to continue sending messages to the committee members themselves; like copying and pasting their email addresses from here!

  2. BJ says:

    “The bill applies to salary periods after Jan. 1, 2022 and would also add monthly allowances of $400 to cover work expenses like travel while the legislature is in session. Allowances out of session would be adjusted based on average travel costs from a state lawmaker’s district. It would take effect 91 days after the 2021 session adjourns in June.” Copied from TheCenterSquare.com

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