HB 3415A 10-Year moratorium on hydraulic-fracturing

Died in Committee

HB 3415      Bill Text    TTV Bill as Introduced
HB 3415A   Bill Text  TTV as amended

This bill replaces HB 3415 to conduct a review of statutes and rules applicable to best practices and standards for hydraulic fracturing reporting recommendations by 9/15/2016. The Act sunsets on 1/1/2025.

Limited Government
Directs the Departments of Geology and Mineral Industries and Environmental Quality to review statutes and rules that are applicable to hydraulic fracturing and prepare a report including recommendations for legislation or rulemaking that is necessary to ensure hydraulic fracturing is conducted in accordance with best practices.

Free Markets
Amendment allows continued authorization to conduct hydraulic fracturing with added restrictions to demonstrate if certain best practices are employed, including disclosure of components and chemicals used during fracturing and those that will remain onsite, well construction and integrity to protect ground water, water monitoring to ensure water quality is maintained, minimization of amount of fresh water consumed, and capture of methane at wellhead to extent practicable.

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