HB 4099 Racial Equity and Justice Youth Collaborative

Died in Committee on 3-4-22
Status (overview) of bill: https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2022R1/Measures/Overview/HB4099

Establishes Racial Equity and Justice Youth Collaborative. Captures vulnerable youth in the quicksand of another government entity, programming them to believe that government provides the only solution to racial, cultural, and ethnic conflicts.

Fiscal Responsibility
This bill was introduced in 2021 as HB 3363 with a proposed $1 million price tag, but left blank, and it is blank in this bill. Members of the collaborative meet six times a year and are given accommodations, stipends, travel expenses, appropriate technological access and academic credits.

Limited Government
This bill basically creates a state-level student council excluding “normal,” “well-adjusted,” white students to meet an equity criteria. Excludes membership of the 85% majority of students in Oregon as being “white.” A work group of racial or ethnic or underrepresented/underserved or sexual identity or English language learners or disabled or poverty communities will determine criteria, recommend to Governor and mentor youth members in the collaborative. Youth membership is limited to ages 11-21 years old. The same membership criteria applies to the collaborative as the work group. The purpose is to serve at the will of the Governor to make recommendations on educational policy, and consider racial equity and justice and align with other statewide efforts for racial equity and justice when developing goals and criteria and making recommendations. Identify best practices for reporting racist incidents or hate or bias crime. This amounts to giving 15% of students 100% say over the remaining 85% of the students.

Local Control
School districts are to provide the collaborative members with counseling support, mental health support, tutoring, and adult mentor, and an opportunity to provide peer support or be a youth mentor. Individual schools, school districts, alternative education programs, or ESDs, provide no local control. All control is exercised by State actors. Schools are simply called on to assist in their own demise. We are graduating indoctrinated students that are being taught what to think and how to think. When kids get a taste of power they can’t direct it in a logical way. This experience can be provided locally in a directed environment.

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