HB 4086 study of a child’s problematic sexual behavior

HB 4086 VOTE: NO
In Committee
Work Session 02/14/2024 1:00pm HR C
Status (overview) of bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2024R1/Measures/Overview/HB4086
Committee assigned to bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2024R1/Committees/HECHS/Overview

This bill -1 Amendments directs the Department of Human Services to study the scope of child abuse investigations via a contracted facilitator to study Oregon’s response to children exhibiting problematic sexual behavior with advise from two different committees to:

“(a) Identify the current scope of mandatory child abuse investigations that must be conducted by the Department of Human Services.
“(b) Identify gaps or duplication of work in the state’s response to
concerns of child abuse.
“(c) Determine the national best practices on trauma-informed
child abuse jurisdiction, child abuse definitions, child abuse investigations, child abuse multidisciplinary teams and due process.

The department shall contract with a facilitator who specializes in public policy to conduct the study. The study is to identify resources and gaps in resources for families and caregivers of children exhibiting problematic sexual behavior, determine best practices and analyze solutions. Make recommendations on strategies and definitions to ensure a child is not identified as exhibiting problematic sexual behavior as a result of the child’s:
“(A) Sexual orientation, gender identity or disability; or
“(B) Consensual sexual activity or exploration, provided the activity
or exploration is not criminal or abusive in nature.

What makes the Committee on Early Childhood and Human Services think there is a developing need for this study? There is nothing in the study to identify the source that is increasing the number of children with sexual issues. We first need a study on what the sexual identity education programs are doing to students. How their brains can’t comprehend and process normal all the sexual pictures and illustrations being taught in early grades. Is this a study to provide help to parents whose children are being affected adversely to explicit pictures, or is an intent to identify parents that are trying to help their children feel secure with their bodies? Committees full of professionals that lack psychological expertise is not best practices.



Chair Representative Lisa Reynolds
Vice-Chair Representative Hoa Nguyen
Vice-Chair Representative Anna Scharf
Member Representative Tom Andersen
Member Representative Tracy Cramer
Member Representative Lucetta Elmer
Member Representative Annessa Hartman
Member Representative James Hieb
Member Representative Travis Nelson
Member Representative Courtney Neron
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