SB 704 Universal Health Plan

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Work Session 03/22/2023 1:00pm HR B
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This bill establishes the Universal Health Plan Governance Board and directs it to design an administrative structure for the Universal Health Plan, to assess the readiness of institutions and infrastructure to carry out the plan, and to report to the Legislative Assembly by September 15, 2025, a comprehensive plan for implementation of the Universal Health Plan beginning in 2027.

The new single-payer universal health care plan has built in $22 billion in new taxes. An employer tax on those Oregonians who earn $160k and below will be taxed at 7.25 percent and those who earn over will be taxed at 10.5 percent.

SB 704 has a pre-determined outcome to pursue a state single-payor health plan based on assumptions of magical administrative savings that will drive providers from the state and everyone else with enormous tax increases to support this fantasy. The idea that the state will be successful at a complex entitlement program when they can’t manage unemployment, over taxation, forest fires, education or the economy is irresponsible to dig in deeper in a time of inflation.

Most people in Oregon have healthcare through their employer, and low income are covered through the Oregon Health Plan Medicare coverage, so why push for more when inflation will hit a high this year.

Through the years, the legislature has mandated coverages, which has driven the cost of insurance to be unaffordable to many. So they stepped in to solve the problem they made with a socialist universal coverage plan. This has been a slow feel-good cozy to cover the poor, then they added low-income, then they added the Oregon Health Plan option for small employers, now they want to take over the entire choice of coverage and force everyone to subject the care of their bodies to the government.

America is founded on choice and free will. Universal health care takes away our fundamental right to chose who care for our bodies.


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  1. There is absolutely NO reason why we need this
    It’s perfectly written we have Healthcare through employers and OHP why do we need to spend more money, it’s just ridiculous

  2. Forcing working class Americans to use substandard medical care (Universal Health Plan) when then can and or do get a better medical plan thru their employers.We are not a communist country, yet. We are a Republic and having the right to pick your own plan should not be infringed on by elected government bureaucrats using a thinly veiled attempt at to promote socialism and take away Citizen’s rights.

  3. Every socialist state needs to control the bodies of every “unit.” There are not
    citizens in a socialist state, just units. (That is what Obamacare called people.)
    Obamacare promised to not give free care to illegal aliens, but it has given it to
    them from day one. I was in the home of an illegal alien and my knee was hurting.
    She wondered why I didn’t get my knee operated on. I told her because I couldnt
    afford the surgery, so I just wrap it. She was appalled and said that she got care
    for everything. VOTE NO
    There is NO FREE CARE. Everyone has to pay higher and higher rates for insurance,
    and also the cost of hospital care, etc constantly rises, because those with insurance are paying for all the free care to illegal aliens plus all the care for all Americans.
    VOTE NO. Socialized health care is WORSE than you can POSSIBLY IMAGINE.

    If the govt currently has us paying for all the abortions and hotels and travel expense for
    anybody who wants to get their baby killed in Oregon, think how much higher our taxes are going to have to be to pay for the free care to everybody. Socialism produces poverty.

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