How to Testify Remotely


Would you like to share your position on a bill with a legislative committee before they take a vote? That’s what submitting written testimony means and that’s what these tools below are for.

Written testimony may be submitted for bills that are scheduled for a public hearing. Testimony must be submitted within 24 hours after the start time of the committee meeting at which the public hearing is held. Anyone on a computer connected to the internet can use the Legislature’s web-form to submit testimony.

Go to the OLIS website (, click on the Committees button in the upper right corner of your screen.
Navigate to and select the Committee in which the bill for which you will be submitting testimony is scheduled for a Public Hearing.
On the Committee Overview page, click on the Click to Submit Testimony link. (See picture below for where to find it).

Where to submit public testimony on bills



Testifying “in-person” is a great way to engage and have an impact, just know that it requires a few extra steps and closely monitoring the Committee agendas where your bill of interest has been assigned.

First, you’ll only be able to register for this once the bill has been assigned to a committee and has a hearing date. Look up the committee or subcommittee meeting agenda on the Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS) website and follow the testimony registration link on the agenda.
Then, once you register to testify “in-person” virtually via phone or Microsoft Teams and sign up with your name, email and phone, the system will send you an email with a registration meeting link and instructions for delivering your verbal/video testimony using the Microsoft Teams
You must register in advance to provide verbal testimony during a committee or subcommittee meeting. Registration closes at the start of the meeting.
If you’d prefer to register with the assistance of Committee Staff, please call 833-588-4500 and they will help register you to testify orally.

Here is an example of where the Oral Testimony sign up information is on a Committee’s page:

Virtual Oral testimony directions


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This page comes up, use the various links to sign up for what you’d like to track in the legislature.

Sign up to track bills


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