SB 1553 Crime to consume illegal drugs on public transportation


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This bill expands the crime of interfering with public transportation to include when a person, while in or on a public transit vehicle or public transit station, knowingly consumes a controlled substance that is not lawfully possessed by the person. Provides that a conviction for interfering with public transportation established by this measure shall be classified as a designated drug-related misdemeanor.

Under current Oregon law, it is a Class C misdemeanor crime to interfere with public transportation by engaging in a variety of conduct, specified in ORS 166.116. The behavior constituting criminal interference includes entering or remaining unlawfully on public transit vehicles or at public transit stations; interfering with the
movement of, or access to, public transit vehicles; engaging in disorderly conduct on public transit vehicles or at public transit stations; and subjecting public transport passengers or employees to offensive physical contact.

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