SB 1587 Immunity for children advocacy workers and centers


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Signed into law by Gov. Kotek 3-27-24, effective immediately

This bill grants immunities to children’s advocacy centers and to employees and designated agents of children’s advocacy centers protecting them from legal action for looking into the abuse of a child if a nationwide group says that the center meets certain standards. The Act protects the center’s employees, too. It does not protect a center from legal action based on its employees’ adverse treatment of a person on the basis of a protected class. The Act declares an emergency so voters cannot over turn it.

This bill creates a class of immunity from legal processing under the law. We have those laws for protection of both parties and providing immunity on one side tips the scale of justice. For what reason should they be allowed to commit crimes they want immunity from?

This is a protective measure to protect the unspoken abuse against children being coached to transition in our schools. Having immunity means they don’t have to report everything, they don’t have to follow investigative laws, the can abuse parental rights, and are not subject to privacy laws.

Amendment declares children’s advocacy centers rely upon state funding and provide statutorily-mandated services.

This bill opens a can of worms that really doesn’t protect our children like it’s presented.

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  1. Please vote no on SB 1587. The l aw should be applied the same to everybody. Children need to be protected from abuse, no matter who the abuser works for.

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