After politicians LOWER graduation standards…drop-outs surge!

In the six previous years that Oregon measured how many of its students entered 10th grade on track, it was never lower than 78.5% — and that group of students went on to post a graduation rate of just 77%, second worst in the country in 2017. In 2020, the share of Oregon high school freshmen who passed enough classes to be on track for graduation plummeted to just 74%.

Nearly 12,000 freshmen failed too many classes during their 2020 ninth-grade year. Only 40% of students who’ve fallen short of the freshman on-track benchmark have gone on to graduate from high school, suggesting most of the 12,000 could wind up dropping out. High school dropouts struggle to find family wage jobs and drag down the state’s economy.

The Oregon Department of Education is hopeful that with in-person learning back this year, high schools have quickly restored systems and structures to detect and help freshmen in need before failure becomes inevitable.

Posted at the Oregon Catalyst by Taxpayers Association of Oregon on 10-31-21

Date: 2021-10-31 07:49

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  1. This was never about students but about Kate Brown. Why because Oregon spends far more money per student for years the numbers are available (2017 and 10,842 per student) but the graduation rates put OR on the low end of graduation rates. So drop standards, dumb down kids, so they can be controlled with handouts in the future. Not good for anyone and especially not good for students of color supposedly who Kate dropped standards for. Private schools do far more with far less.

  2. We need school vouchers so that kids have a choice like all Oregonians to shop where they please. The schools that fail to provide will go away and the all powerful Teachers Union will have less of a stranglehold on us all.

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