Alert: Redistricting Talking Points

Important Newsletter from Senator Kim Thatcher (9-7-21);

Dear Friends,

The Senate Republican Caucus staff has been working all weekend to get something together to help you testify on the proposed redistricting plans. You will find links below for talking points for the hearings for Congressional Districts 1 – 4 and the overlapping House and Senate districts. We’re hoping to have CD 5 done by tomorrow night.

I realize these are coming at the 11th hour but I wanted you all to have something rather than nothing. I hope you can utilize them for tomorrow and the coming week and a half. They are far from comprehensive, but there is a lot of good broad talking points and specific ones as well. I hope they are understandable, usable and helpful to you in putting together a short written testimony and /or a two-minute oral testimony in committee. The CD 1 meeting is tomorrow at 8 AM.

CD 1:


CD 3:

CD 4:

Please participate! Download the pdf to get the active links here.


Senator Kim Thatcher

               Senate District 13

Date: 2021-09-08 09:51

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