Attend the War Room Every Thursday

After two years of being locked out of the Oregon State Capitol, the public is finally allowed to enter in limited numbers.

Rooms in the capitol are still not available for gathering, and won’t be until 2025. The WAR ROOM has set up shop a block northwest of the capitol at Ike Box.

The first gathering was attended by veterans and new comers. The morning consisted of training on lobbying, testifying and analyzing bills. One person was able to go to the capitol and testify on SB579, which gives incarcerated prisoners the right to vote in prison.

Join us on Thursday, 8am to 3pm in the Bay Room, located on the ground floor with great wifi capacity for laptops and projecting training. There are disturbing bills coming up that need attention. Join in and hold legislators accountable.

Some asked to make appearances are Representative Kevin Mannix and Senator Brian Boquist, and more will be added.

Date: 2023-01-30 11:59

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