Call Governor to stop 17% tax hike

SB 139 the controversial 17% small business tax hike has faced bipartisan opposition as seven Democrat lawmakers voted against it and all Republican lawmakers voted against it helping to make the tax one of the most unpopular bills of the 2021 Legislature.

If SB 139 passes, Oregon would be among the few places in America with the audacity to raise taxes on small business during the pandemic.  SB 139 is retroactive to January 1, 2021, so small businesses would be hit with a surprise tax bill going back seven months when many restaurants and gyms were ordered to be closed.  It was only last week that many restaurants were ordered to be at 50% capacity.

Because the bill received bipartisan opposition it may be vetoed by the Governor who has already surprised her colleagues with unexpected vetoes already.  Furthermore, this tax is so severe, that we must do everything in our power to stop it.

SB 139 raises taxes only on small businesses.  SB 139 only targets family owned businesses (LLCs, Partnerships, S-Corps).  Oregon’s largest companies, C-Corporations, are exempt from the tax.  It is no small tax as it raises $50 million in new taxes at the same time the Legislature decided to move $500 million in surplus funds into a reserve slush fund account.

SB 139A is before the Governor.

You can call the Governor to oppose SB 139 the $50 Million small business tax at the number below:

Governor Kate Brown
Phone: (503) 378-4582

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Date: 2021-07-07 07:24

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  1. This bill is another act by Dems to destroy Oregon. Is the end game to get people to move and sell property to other countries or the government buys them? This tax makes no sense as Kate Brown was the last governor to drop Covid restrictions and then penalize small business. How about you hit Intel and Nike with this tax and see how long they last here. STOP THIS BILL

  2. This bill is just another avenue for society to be dependent on the government. If people lose their businesses because they can’t pay this discriminatory tax, they will either move out of state or be added to the state’s welfare rolls. This is a slap in the face for entrepreneurs and independent, hard-working people. If Governor Brown does not veto this bill, it will show without a doubt her socialist inclinations.

  3. Our founding fathers are most likely turning over in their graves disgusted with the Democrat majority whom seem not to know what The U S and the Oregon Constitutions say, or why they were written. These that call themselves Democrats would just as well call themselves Communists. They are not interested in small government nor do they care about personal freedoms for all, regardless of race creed or color. Their main goals are to do just the opposite. Reduce or abolish what are our, God given rights. Gun control, so we can’t fight to protect ourselves or an oppressive Government is against the 2nd amendment.. They want to rule us and want us to obey their rules. This bill is a prime example of everything I just mentioned. Slowly one by one they won’t be happy until Oregon and the U S are just like China. The buck stops here. People are getting angry, changing party affiliations. We will fight the voter fraud, we will demand transparency, returning the peoples house back to the people and anything deemed unconstitutional we will ignore. We don’t have to follow unjust “laws” If they are not Constitutional, they are not law. Taxation without representation is against the law. We the people are not being represented we are being robbed there is a big difference between the two.


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