Gov. Kate Brown recently announced plans to finally reopen Oregon on June 30, including rolling back mask mandates and social distancing measures. However, kids will still be wearing masks in school.

This change to the COVID-19 statewide measures does not mean an end to Gov. Brown’s emergency powers.

In her latest executive order, Gov. Brown is rolling back some COVID-19 restrictions, but maintaining dictatorial power over Oregonians until December 31, 2021. Read the executive order here, and reference page 9 for the December extension. With the unconstitutional emergency powers still in place, Gov. Brown can push the state back in lockdown and force any number of policies on Oregonians.

Some State Legislature’s have already set limits on their Governor’s emergency powers.

Posted at the Oregon Catalyst by News Update on 6-26-21 

Editor’s note: Republicans in Oregon’s legislature tried to limit the governor’s emergency powers in this session with HJR 18, but the Democrats voted against it, killing it.

Date: 2021-06-27 07:47

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  1. This has got to be the most prolonged power grab in Oregon history. Commie Kate knows she’s in violation of the Oregon Constitution but she doesn’t care because she has hand picked judges on the Oregon Supreme Court as a rubber stamp. If the courts won’t reign in her unlawful power play, then “We The People’ must! It’s time to find a group of constitutional sheriff’s to arrest her for her numerous crimes against the citizens of our state!

  2. When flu deaths rise this winter, which she fully expects due to weakened immune systems from the vaccines, it will be all she needs to lock us down again.

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