Lawmakers pass bill to make illegal immigrants eligible for Medicaid

Oregon’s State Senate on Saturday (6-26-21) passed a bill that would make illegal immigrants in the state eligible for Medicaid-funded medical services — sending the legislation to Democratic Gov. Kate Brown for signature.Image

The bill, HB 335, expands eligibility to adults who would otherwise qualify for Medicaid-funded state medical assistance program but are excluded due to their immigration status. It passed 17-11 in the Senate, after having passed the House 37-21 earlier this week.

The development was first reported by The Lund Report, an Oregon-based outlet. The outlet had previously cited estimates that there are more than 110,000 illegal immigrants in the state and that the program would cost $100 million in the next two years.

Lawmakers in favor of the bill had estimated that the bill “would expand Medicaid coverage to include approximately 100,000 Oregonians who would otherwise be eligible except for their status as undocumented immigrants.”

“When opportunities in our state are withheld from a specific class of people, we perpetuate systems of inequity,” the lawmakers argued in The Oregonian. “As legislators of color, we believe it is important to challenge the injustices that have been in our nation and state since their founding.”

The bill is likely to be signed by Brown, a Democrat, who had previously expressed support for the “Cover All People” proposal.

“All Oregonians must have quality, affordable health care, regardless of who they are or where they live,” Brown said in March. “During my time as Governor, we’ve made great strides in expanding access. Currently, 94 percent of Oregonians and 100 percent of children have access to health care. The pandemic has taught us this is not good enough. And unfortunately, our communities of color have paid the price. Gaps in coverage persist, and these gaps are disproportionately borne by communities of color.”

It is the latest move by Democrats across the country to expand access to taxpayer-funded benefits programs to those in the country illegally, by either expanding access, dropping restrictions or otherwise by promoting a pathway to citizenship for those who entered illegally.

In Washington, a number of Democrats pushed for stimulus checks and other coronavirus-related aid to be made available for those in the country illegally, moves that saw pushback from Republicans.

Earlier this year, Republicans proposed an amendment that would prohibit any future economic impact payments from being sent to illegal immigrants, and 42 Senate Democrats voted against it.

Posted at Fox News by Adam Shaw on 6-26-21


Date: 2021-06-27 08:20

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  1. How is it that “illegal” immigrants will have access to taxpayer funded healthcare when they do not contribute to the system? This is not fair to any taxpayer or “legal” citizen in this country. It is a slap in the face of all citizens, especially those who have gone through the pains of becoming “legal”. Anyone who has traveled here “illegally” does not deserve to enjoy the “legal” statuses of citizens. No “illegal” should be granted exceptions until they become “legal” period. Other countries do not allow people to freely move to their country and vote in their elections or become citizens without going through vetting and a process. We should be no different in this. There is such a thing as issuing consequences for illegal behavior and rewarding those who legally become citizens. There should be no incentives for being illegal here whatsoever. I will not vote for anyone who supported this bill in future elections. Every citizen in this state should be granted the opportunity to have a say where their tax dollars are spent. I DO NOT support anyone gaining illegal access to our tax dollars.

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