Letter to the editor: Oregonians can stop gun lockup bill

Should Oregon’s government require you to lock up your guns in your own home?

If you say no, you can — with one simple action — help keep it from doing so.

Last spring, Senate Bill 554 was passed by Oregon’s Democrat-supermajority legislature and signed by Gov. Kate Brown. If enacted, the bill will require you to keep your guns trigger-locked, or secured inside a locked container or gun room, when those guns are not directly under your control.

Consider the implications of this. Suppose — as happens to countless Americans every year — an intruder breaks into your home and threatens you and your family. Beset, suddenly, by a swiftly-advancing attacker, will you be able — within a few precious seconds — to retrieve a key from a drawer, insert it swiftly and precisely into a trigger lock, and disengage a firearm? Or dial a combination lock speedily and accurately enough to open a gun safe?

If not, is it likely your attacker will be sporting enough to let you do so?

Senate Bill 554 is scheduled to become law in late September. But with your help, it still can be defeated. Go to responsibleresponse.com and print, sign, and mail in the petition to delay the bill’s enactment and, instead, put it onto the Nov. 2022 ballot for Oregonians’ yes-or-no vote.

By doing so, you can help defeat Senate Bill 554’s attack on our gun rights — and on our families’ safety.

Richard F. LaMountain

Date: 2021-08-25 12:50

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  1. I don’t think is a good idea and doesn’t help much….
    This is more power for criminals….will they follow this laws?

  2. Please do not let this Senate Bill 554 go through. As it will put everyone that is trying to be legal at a definite disadvantage if the weapon needs to be used in a hurry. Like in a self defense intrusion into their residents.

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