Oregon Legislature set to adjourn without refunding $300 million in taxes generated by stimulus checks

Oregonians won’t get a refund on $300 million in personal income taxes generated by federal stimulus payments, as the Legislature is set to conclude its 2021 regular session on Friday or early Saturday without addressing the issue.

Oregon legislature

Early in the session, both Democrats and Republicans had expressed support for resolving the thorny situation and returning the money to roughly 900,000 Oregon taxpayers. But the issue faded as the session continued.

“It had all the appearances of an easy, bipartisan bill. And even as time went on, as the state became more flush with dollars, I thought for sure now it’s not about keeping the money,” said Sen. Dick Anderson, R-Lincoln City, who introduced a bill early in the session to refund the tax money. “For heaven’s sake, we’ve got more than we need. I don’t know what else we could have done.”

On average, Oregonians who received stimulus payments owed an extra $333 in state taxes because of the federal money. The specific amounts varied considerably based on personal tax situations, but taxpayers across the income spectrum faced a hit.

Date: 2021-06-26 08:27

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