Oregon sales tax to pay for $750 monthly checks to poor

The bills to be debated during the 35-day Oregon Special Session have been introduced this week. House Bill 4079, sponsored by State Representative Brad Witt would create a sales tax in order to give debit cards to lower income people loaded with $750 monthly payments.

The sales tax would hit electronic goods, computers, cell-phones, certain vehicles and certain clothing of a higher value.

The sales tax on cell-phones would be on top of the newly passed cell-phone service tax passed in 2020.

The sales tax would tax airplanes, recreation vehicles and boats.  Because after partially shutting these activities down during the pandemic, the government would like to welcome back this wounded industry with a big fat tax.

The last time America experimented with free cash payments to people it had the side effect of creating the nation’s worst labor shortage.  What could possibly go wrong if Oregon tries it on its own?

Among the homeless Portland became known as Freelandia because of all their free and easy services and benefits not offered elsewhere.  Food stamps were offered nearly twice as long as other places.  The result?  the homeless population exploded and the Portland area job growth grew less than the rest of Oregon.

Here is the bill summary, “Establishes Oregon Freedom Pilot Program in Department of Human Services to provide monthly stipends to low-income families. Sunsets December 31, 2026. Imposes sales and use tax on sales of certain luxury goods. Establishes Oregon Freedom Pilot Program Fund and continuously appropriates moneys in fund to Department of Human Services for purpose of implementing Oregon Freedom Pilot Program.” 

Posted in the Oregon Catalyst by Taxpayers Association of Oregon, OregonWatchdog on 01/26/22

Date: 2022-01-26 07:16

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  1. Absolutely not! When I couldn’t afford something I needed I got a second job and worked harder. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Weirdly enough, why don’t people learn how to live within their means??? That is a big, fat HELL NO!

    Oregon has no values whatsoever! We are now pay drug addicts to come and lil take up residence in Oregon. It’s a safe place for them. Street drugs are now legal with no consequences for the user, bringing all kinds of cartels and crime to our state. Marijuana??? Don’t even get me started !!! Why do you think people are happy staying home and letting the rest of us pay their way !!

  2. We want to provide money for groups of people who create crime, and at the same defund and shame our law enforcement. What is wrong will be right, and what is right will be wrong.


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